Project Trike - Silver

Hi Larry and Mary,

It’s never as often as we would like, but we sometimes get emails from highly-satisfied customers and this is certainly a shining example. The following email came in from your customer, Terry Moore, along with some nice photos of their trike.

“We LOVE it! Larry and Mary at Freedom Bike to Trike do an excellent job of both selling and installing the Roadsmith kits. They are great people and an asset to YOUR company as well. We looked at many different trikes and talked to many owners for over two years before choosing the Roadsmith. When we chose the kit, we started looking for someone to install it. The name Freedom Bike to Trike came up over and over again, all with great stories. Naturally we chose them. We knew we wanted a trike, but it was late in the year, we didn’t want to miss the rest of the season. Mary promised the bike before the snow flew. They made good on her promise. It was a 75+ day on Sunday! We could not be happier — unless winter would hold off a few more weeks so we can ride more!”

We responded with a “thank you” email to Terry and then proceeded to post the photos on Facebook with a little plug for the two of you. The responses on Facebook were complimentary and plentiful!

I wanted to thank you both, on behalf of the company, and let you know how much we appreciate your professionalism and dedication to the Roadsmith brand. We are proud to have you as our dealer partner and hope to work with you for many years in the future.

Kind regards,

Kirk A. Rush

Project Trike - Gold
Just finished converting our 2001 Honda Goldwing with a Roadsmith trike fit. If anyone is thinking of doing this in Wisconsin…go to Freedom Bike to Trike. The owners, Mary and Larry, are truly dedicated and have a passion for transforming your bike into a trike. We could not have asked for a better experience. It is worth the drive to Freedom, WI!

Sue Schram

Project Trike - Light Gold
Not only is Roadsmith a great trike…Larry and Mary Daul went out of their way fixing other things on my bike that were broken. All around great people! They treat you like family. Thank you again Larry and Mary!FF

Perry Muche